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Please click here for news and announcements about events at the Arts Magnet School for students and parents.

After-school programs begin on February 4th!
Students can pick up a registration form outside of the Arts Office or download one here .

Due to the possibility of inclement weather, we have decided to move this informational session to the following week - Wednesday, Feb. 6th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Info Session
We are hosting an information session for prospective students and families in grades 6-10. Join us on Wednesday, February 6th at 5 pm to learn about our school, meet faculty and hear from students and parents.
Purchase a ticket for the Brigaid Community dinner ($5/ per person) when you arrive and enjoy the delicious community meal after the session is over.

School Days:
Breakfast is served every day from 7:00 AM - 7:15 AM in the classrooms. Classes begin at 7:20 AM and end at 1:55 PM.  

Students must be in uniform every day. The Arts Magnet School uniform is a black collared shirt (with or without a logo) and khaki bottoms. To purchase a shirt with a logo, click on "Uniforms" on the left menu.
For gym class, students should wear comfortable clothes that allow movement, and sneakers. T-Shirts are only allowed  in gym class. Students are not permitted to wear hoodies in the building.

Please click here to find bus routes and other transportation information.

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Find a copy of the New London 2018-2019 School Calendar here.  |  |  860-271-4040
To apply:

Arts Magnet School offers a comprehensive, integrated educational program, in and through the arts, designed to have all students reach their individual potential. Through a rigorous, interdisciplinary learning environment, with mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the community, we will collaborate in developing creative global citizens who strive for excellence, communicate their talents, and establish a culture of dynamic leaders in the world.

The vision of Arts Magnet School is to unite the region in building a culturally rich, inclusive environment of learning and creating reflective of and responsive to its students, families and community partners that supports the academic and artistic development of its students into extraordinary, contributing members of a 21st century society through the performing and visual arts.


Public Magnet School

The Arts Magnet  School is the continuation of the New London Public Schools Arts Magnet pathway for secondary grades. It is located in its own wing of Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School. Arts Magnet  School is open to students in grades 6-9 for the 2018-19 school year. Any Connecticut students are eligible for admission through a lottery application process.* Students who enroll are then eligible to continue in the school through high school graduation in grade 12.

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6th grade  6th grade  6th grade  6th grade  6th grade  6th grade
7th grade  7th grade  7th grade  7th grade  7th grade  7th grade
   8th grade  8th grade  8th grade  8th grade  8th grade
     9th grade  9th grade  9th grade  9th grade
       10th grade  10th grade  10th grade
         11th grade  11th grade
           12th grade

* Students who complete 5th grade at Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School are guaranteed acceptance at the Arts Magnet Middle School provided they accept their seat for 6th grade.

Academic Achievement

Students who attend our Arts Pathway schools experience an academic program where rigorous academics are infused through the arts. Using the HOT Schools model of strong arts, arts integration and democratic practice, our students are exposed to and immersed in the arts including vocal and instrumental music, visual art, dance, theatre, media arts, and interdisciplinary arts. 

Community Partnerships

Visiting artists and local organizations bring professional rigor to the arts programming. These partners include: Spark Makerspace, Expressiones Cultural Arts Center, Lyman Allyn Museum, Garde Arts Center, Eastern Connecticut Ballet, Flock Theatre, and HOT Schools Master Teaching Artists.

Nature Center

Our Educational Program


Arts Magnet School is the 6-12 portion of a comprehensive K-12 the Arts Magnet Pathway. As such, it will utilize and be central to the arts education landscape in the region. As the culmination of this pathway, the school will also contribute to and be a model for the K-5 students in the Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School who are intended to be the Arts Magnet School’s future students. Arts Magnet School will ensure that the educational environment promotes collaboration, self-reliance, ethical behavior, and civic engagement.

Arts Magnet School’s design will fulfill its Mission and Vision as well as Connecticut’s goal that “all students graduate and are prepared for lifelong learning and careers in a competitive, global economy.” Therefore, Arts Magnet School is in a unique position to provide “a rigorous, literacy-based curriculum linked to authentic, real-life experiences; performance-based assessments; a school climate in which personal and social responsibility is practiced; and school-business partnerships that offer students tangible knowledge and experience.”

Educational Approach

Arts Magnet School’s theme includes these core elements (click on one to learn more):

Rigorous education through authentic learning
HOT Schools Approach

Strong Arts
Arts Integration
Democratic Practice
Higher-Order Thinking Skills
Community Engagement, Partnerships & Outreach

Rigorous education through authentic learning
in professional, community settings: Through unique partnerships with arts organizations in the region, Arts Magnet School will become a model school for fully integrating the educational and professional world, thereby providing top-notch training and education in all disciplines and subjects. Students’ learning goes beyond the typical classroom walls through authentic experiences in professional environments in all art forms. Students in grades 6-12 will be given the opportunity to interact and work alongside with diverse arts specialists and creative workers in the greater new London area as well as on site at various dynamic arts institutions such as Spark Makerspace, Garde Arts Center, Lyman Allyn Art Museum, Sonalysts, Hygienic Art, Connecticut College, and the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Student learning will be heightened by the continual connection to the City’s cultural assets, offering “real-life” models and mentors and professional contacts and experiences that will benefit students long after they graduate. Research is proving that students learn better and retain concepts longer when they are educated using an applied and integrated curriculum. The development of this unique and rigorous curriculum will prepare graduates for admission to two-year and four-year colleges, career-ready and independent for lifelong learning.

HOT Schools Approach: Arts Magnet School will utilize the framework of the Connecticut Office of the Arts’ Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools, a sound, research-based educational approach to teaching and learning that inspires life-long learning in, about and through the arts in a democratic community celebrating each child’s unique voice.

  • Strong Arts: All students will concentrate on an arts discipline through which they will focus and use as a lens for their non-arts academics: Dance, Media Arts, Music (Instrumental and Vocal), Theatre or Visual Art. Students will further individualize their learning through a student success plan that “engages every student based on their unique interests and strengths helping them to understand the relevancy of education to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals.” Learners will be able to construct their own skills and understanding of the arts, academics, and communication. Education in, about, and through the arts helps students develop critical thinking abilities, independent judgment and creative problem-solving skills. The arts, as rigorous academic subjects, each with their own sequential comprehensive curricula, convey knowledge not learned through studying other academic disciplines and providing a stimulating vehicle for children to communicate their ideas.

  • Arts Integration: As a model K-12 HOT Schools Approach Pathway, Arts disciplines are both a primary focus as well as infused into arts and non-arts academic curricula. This is accomplished through intentional, collaborative planning aligned along a continuum of rigor and relevance. Professional development and collaborative planning among the arts and non-arts academic classroom teachers revolves around integrating non-arts academic content within the arts disciplines, as well as incorporating the arts academic content and strategies into the non-arts academic curriculum. As a result, Arts Magnet School will emerge as a laboratory and vanguard in improving and expanding opportunities within public education.

  • Democratic Practice: Collaborating in a professional environment allows students, staff and the community to create a culture of excellence through a shared vision with all stakeholders. HOT Schools Approach includes democratic practice in which purposeful activities support choice, participation, connection, contribution and responsibility to celebrate the unique voice of each member of the school community, thereby cultivating a school culture. Arts Magnet School will ensure that all members of the school community will be engaged and respected, will collaborate to develop a shared vision, and will support and be supported. Engaging and including all stakeholders in the foundation and formation of the school will give them a higher sense of ownership.

Higher-Order Thinking Skills: The arts are an interactive teaching and learning model. As such, it is possible for students to be thinking at higher levels because they are engaged in the arts. While traditional education has typically focused on lower levels of thinking that involve recall and comprehension, Arts Magnet School design is based on more cognitive processing using Bloom’s taxonomy where students are applying, analyzing, synthesizing and creating. This requires deeper levels of inquiry and understanding how to think, as well as the belief that there is no one way that all students learn.

Community Engagement, Partnerships & Outreach: Partnerships are a fundamental aspect of the program. Vibrant cultural institutions and resources that are in and nearby New London provide a ‘real-life’ urban creative campus that can help deepen and shape the student learning experience. Arts Magnet School will ensure the success and achievement of all students by involving and connecting parents and community members. Research has shown that when schools engage the community, including families and community groups, children do better in school, are more engaged, and therefore stay enrolled.3 The rich cultural climate of New London, Connecticut provides the students with opportunities for creative internship, enrichment, and mentoring opportunities in a community rich in the arts and humanities. Aside from employing the HOT Schools Approach, Arts Magnet School will seek and further develop sustainable collaboration and partnerships with organizations such as the Garde Arts Center, Lyman Allyn Museum, Sonalysts, Eugene O’Neill, Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra, Eastern Connecticut Ballet, Grasso Technical High School, Higher Edge, Backbeat City, Hygienic Art Inc., U.S. Coast Guard, and Florence Griswold Museum, to name a few.

Arts Magnet School staff and administration will work in partnership with families and other stakeholders to respond to diverse community interests and needs. The school will contribute to the community and access resources shared among schools, districts, and communities in conjunction with other organizations and agencies that provide critical resources for children and families, and will provide the students with creative internship, enrichment, and mentoring opportunities in a community rich in the arts and humanities.

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